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Very fun and easy


I love to challenge myself. This is a convenient, fun way to do so!

Word cookies

Wow this is a great game!!

It is so much fun.

It is so much fun because you can do lots of stuff and get coins and sometimes it’s hard and sometimes it’s easy. And you keep going and never ends and I like the word cookie and it never gets boring.

Stupid ads

I love this game. The last few days though, the google ad has covered the shuffle and hint buttons. I’m getting very frustrated.



Word cookies

Love it

Great game, except for the Ads!

I’ve enjoyed playing this game for several months but have noticed the ads are getting more and more frequent. After recently upgrading my phone to the iPhone XS, it has become even worse because the google ad box covers up the shuffle and hint circles so I can’t access them! Even after trying to close the ad box because it covers content now I have a blank ad box that still covers up part of the game that I need to get to. If you get rid of the ads I would give this game 5 stars.

Too many ads

I played this game a lot in the past and enjoyed it and recommended it. Came back to it again lately and am sad to see that it’s been RUINED by incessant ads. Such a shame to lose a good game. Would NEVER recommend now.

Word cookies

Greatest game I have ever played

Battery destroyer

Game play is decent, graphics seriously cartoonish. A license for every device to stop ads?! And even then ads are being suggested to you. I’ll make certain to avoid all of this fleecer’s products from now on.

Joe cool

This game is awesome because you can improve your skills🎮🎮🎮🤓😎😎😎🤩🤩🤩


Awesome game love playing it

Enjoy it

Makes you think. Learn words you may not have heard or used in awhile.

I love this game

U can learn new words on here it kind of educational for me and my kids so of the words I forgot was on here download this app.

New Game

Great Game


Love this game!

I love to play this game so much when I’m at home!!!!

I love to play this game so much when I’m at my house and I just wake up

Easy way to play

Love it, it keeps me thinking of the many words I can use.

Fun game!

Better than other crosswords games I've purchased.

Good until it went bad....

I was enjoying the League games until one day it wouldn’t let me log in, first through Google, then through Facebook. Now all I can play is the word games. No thank you. I am going to delete my app soon if this problem doesn’t correct itself. Also, I sent the developers an email about my inability to log in through Google. No response. Poor customer service. Save yourself disappointment and look for another app.

Killing time

This game is great for passing time as well as a light brain teaser. I play it all the time even added a few new words to my vocabulary. Only complaint way to many adds

Very Glitchy

Locks up on certain adds, sound of add now overrides the no volume setting, not awarding points for watching the adds, I’ve had to shut down and restart the iPad twice today to clear the issues.

Word cookies

It’s awesome my mom has it it’s just makes me Learn a lot

Fun game and good for your brain

This is a great game. I like that you don't have to compete against other players and that it gets more challenging as the levels go up. Would love to know who makes decisions about which words get included and which don't. Some very legitimate words are not there. Very annoying.


I love it Thank U


Fun game very addicting

Lots of addictive, calorie-free fun!👍🏻👍🏻

Keep up the good work!

I love the game it is the Rose Bowl game in the world

Ffhj ffgggggggg


AND very clever and even addicting.. it’d be better w/o the ads.

Too many ads...

The game is fun but all the ads are annoying.


This game is amazing



Not perfect but over average word games

I started playing and not to hard. Now it’s hard but not really badly. I definitely don’t think it’s the greatest school related game. I’m at 201 baking points right now. 4 stars is what I’ll give it OP____________gamer

Great Game

Great Game. Very fun!!!

Late night addiction

Totally fun game to play instead of counting sheep🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑


Very entertaining and challenging!!👍


Challenging fun

Usman Warsi

Very informative and addictive game. It will be awesome if ads will be little more less.

Love the game, Hate the Ads

Hate all the ads. You get momentum playing the fame then have to stop for 30 seconds at a time all the time.

Loud ads

Love the game especially at night but then an ad comes on and even though I have my sound clicked off and the sound settings on off within the game the ad plays at full volume! What the heck!?




Great time consumer. I was surprised !!

Wing one

Great app

Word Cookies Game Review by Amanda Griffin

This game is really fun!!! I recommend it for anyone who loves word puzzle games, and it is free!!!

Word Cookies

This game is awesome, sharpens your spelling while having fun



Fun, fun

Had a great time

Love it!

Entertaining, fun and challenging!

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