Word Cookies!™ App Reviews

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Fun game

Amazing word cookies

Word cookies is such an interesting game and it is super fun but at the same time challenging word cookies is the best


It’s perfect, except the ads


I love this game so much!!!! It is a fun way to learn and good for everyone to play. I hope the best for your game and I hope other people like it as much as I do.😘😘😘

Great game

Great game relaxing

Cool Game

Really fun to play

Review for word cookies

It is helpful for knowledge and it is time consuming if you have nothing to do!!!!

Word cookie

This game is so addicting and you use your brain. So instead of doing work you can download Word Cookies. 👍🤩

Word cookie

The best game ever

Awesome Game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amazing game! I love it just less adds please.

Such fun!

Great game, keeps me entertained for hours!



Tasmanian Rick

Great game

About this game

It's a good game you get to solve stuff and it's entertaining.

Word Cookie

Word Cookie is so cool! I love it, it is the happiness to my DAY. If you don’t have it get it already on the top chef just got it today! If you already have it good for you😊 NO GLITCHES OR MESS UP’S Wow it’s cool

Great to exercise memorie

Love it. I recommend it. Very entertainment. I believe is a great result to exercise your memory. .

Word cookies

Word cookies fun , exciting game . Good for all ages . Had a blast .


This is a good app

Fun and addictive

Can’t stop playing

Word search review

It is a fascinating and fun word search game to play combining multiple designs

Pretty cool

Pretty cool, too many ads.



A pleasure

This is great practice for vocabulary fans.

Great game for teens and kids

I really like this game, and it’s fun to play with my younger siblings. I just wish for players who don’t pay for things there would be less ads. <3

Word Cookies is Lit

I really enjoy this game. Keeps the mind working.

Word cookies

I love this app I have grandma and my mommy and my papa we love it

Surprisingly challenging

I am surprised how difficult it can be to make words out of 4 letters. Really fun!!!!


This app is so fun and I love it.

Word cookies

Love it. Learned new words and fun for everyone.


Love it very fun and entertaining


Love it!! Play it with my boys and it gets challenging.




Great game! Very addictive. Fast and easy to start, I’m sure it will get more difficult. Love it!



Great for the mind

Love it

Word cookies 😅😘😍🐬🐬🐩🐩🐇🐇🐇🐕🐕🌷🌷🌸🌺🌈🐼🐶🐰🦊🐱🐧🦋

I love this game it makes me very happy with the way I can do this game I wanna just play it all day and all night

Lots of Fun

Love it. Keeps my mind busy!


I love it it’s a very good game anyone and everyone should play😊🙂

Best app

Yay I’m really glad that this game was made

Belmont gurls

A whole bunch of cookie fun that satisfies your brain! Luv! And life the cookie words!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Love it

It is very fun and stretches your brain!!


Just started and so far it's good.

Word cookie

It’s a good way to relax. Mary zydeco


Great game.

Love it!

Love it!

Word Cookies

I really in joy the game! You can’t even tell that you are learning!



Word cookies

Best game of my life it helps me release my stress Love ❤️ Hunter De Lude

Great Fun!!

Really enjoy the game!


My 6 yr old loves playing this game!

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