Word Cookies!™ App Reviews

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It gets my brain working and very entertaining for car rides

Great game

Grand daughter has a great time on this game , great learning game

Best game ever 🦄

I love word cookies 🍪 it is my !!!!!!!favorite game ever !!!!!!!!!! So much fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love 💕 it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🦄💕❤️😍😘😌👍🏻😘


Fun and entertaining

Keep my brain going

It’s one of the best thing game I have played .HEIPS me to stay alert

Word cookies

Fun and brain teaser

Best game ever

Best game ever

Great entertainment

This game rocks! Terrific fun.


Addictive and entertaining word game!


I Love this game so much I’ve played it for three years.


Gets harder and can’t figure it out, gets boring

Lots of fun

Fun game to pass time with😊

Great game



Great game to keep the mind sharp

Cookie crusher

I love this game I'm a cookie crushing master


Finally a good word game 👼 Good game to play when your bored or 🤒 I just got this game and......... 🦄 MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤯🤩😍😇😀😂😊


This game is amazing! It’s extremely addictive.

Word cookies

One of my favorite games


Great game

Great time passer

Love this game, fun fun fun!!!


This is the best game I ever had

SO FUN!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Love this game!!! It’s amazing, and addicting! I love how many levels there are, and how you get to choose the theme of the background!! I like the music too!! It’s not too hard, and not too easy, (except on the first levels like 1,2, and 3, but otherwise, yeah). I never have any problems with bugs or anything like that! One of the best apps I’ve ever downloaded, thank you!! 😃😃

Word cookies

Word cookies is the best for little kids because it helps you learn words

It’s a pretty good game!

So far I love it!


This game is awesomely good

Good fun


Word Cookies

I love the game and the words that it has

Word cookie

I love it

Fun and tricky

Move through the levels making words and try not to get stumped on the easy 3 letter words! Word Cookies is entertaining! Bring on more levels.

Not sure what we are baking but it’s fun.

Fun and challenging.

Great fun

I really enjoy this word game. I find it relaxing and challenging at the same time. Yes, it is addicting😃


It has too many adds and very boring only played it twice also on other games that u play their adds are really harassing, don't event waste ur time on this game TOO MANY ADDS!!! If I could give it no stars I would

Too Many Ads

Good game but way to many ads! Ad after every round!

Great game

Love it


Great time, and vocabulary expander


Needs to get rid of advertisements

Super fun!!!

Very addicting!!!

Love it!

Very entertaining game.


This is an amazing app. It is fun and challenging. I great game that I use almost everyday. To the point where my phone dies every time on this app!!!! The only bad thing about this is the constant adds, which is why I am giving it a 4 and not a five. But I do definitely recommend this.

Fun easy challenge

For those that want a word game that is a relaxing challenge, this is perfect.

I love this mind teasing game!

I’m addicted to this game but the new levels are too slow to come!


Once you get past the first few puzzles, the game becomes more challenging. It keeps you engaged as you move through the game.

Nice app

Nice time killer


I love the game and it is so so much fun to play.me and my brother love to play the game.

Great game

Tricky but great

Awesome game

Your game is really really good so can you make more games like this one.But just a little different. I love this type of game. I can learn words that I did not know that even existed!!!!!!!

Fun game

Fun game

Best cookies ever

Fun and quick and my stroke patients love it.


The best game out there!

Too many ads

Nice word game except between each hand there is 30second ad. For that reason rate low.

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