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this game finally gives my children an opportunity to learn how to spell it challenges their brain which is a very good thing thank you word cookies for teaching my kids!

Word cookies!!😂

I love your game

word cookie

cool 😎


Quick and easy

I love it !!

It passes time with out having to do crossword puzzles!


I love word cookies

Love it

Love this game


Very good word game, one of the best.


This game is amazing

Love it

I love word cookie

Love it

Love this game! It’s addicting!!

Fun but no end


It is super fun

You find words and it gives you points! So go on and have fun!


I love this game. I play this everyday!


Fun game! A favorite!


This is the best app

Best app ever

Amazing cookies

Love this game

It has helped me with spelling.

Word cookies

Tons of fun. Very, very addictive lol.

In love

I absolutely love this this game but less adds would really help. 😊

Word cookies

Enjoyable game. Colorful and I like the music.

Great Game

This game is easy and fun!

Won’t regret it

Love this freaking game !! It’s addictive



Fun and easy

Fun game

Word Cookies

Love, love playing this word game. It’s a great game!!


Not too difficult, but fun.

Very food

Good for spelling

Word cookies

Helps you start up ur thinking


I love it so much it is so addictive and so fun

Fun fun fun


Great game

Great addictive educational game


A friend showed me this game and I love it


I feel like this is less of a waste of time than most games.




Great fun

Fun game

Really love this

Check your dictionary!

How is “rotator” not a word? And when you add a “T” in the bonus round, how does “tarry” suddenly become a word when the extra T is introduced?

Word cookies

After some time it gets really boring

I love this game!

I love this game so much! Sometimes it makes me feel like it's Christmas! Good job! And I would love it if you made an update.


It’s fun

Word cookies



Fun to play, continues to entertain!

Love it!!

Great app, all the way around!

Why it’s my favorite game

It’s my favorite game because you can learn new words and you should play it Always because you can get better at it and like no ads


I love this game. Got rid of all word games but this one.

Why I like this game

This game makes me feel very comfortable and smart

Too many ads!

I like this app; the game is fun. However, compared to other word games I play, Wood Cookies has far too many ads.

Excellent game

I love this game. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because I switched phones and download the game again and had to start at the beginning again.


Makes one use their brain . Especially the elderly

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