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Word cookies

Keeps my mind going

Very enjoyable

Gives your brain a stretch



Lots of fun

As well with my kids


It is one of the best games I have ever had


I enjoy this to pass the time. Helps keep the mind sharp.

Amazing game

I have never seen an app like this before and it’s been so much better than other apps.❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

I love this game

This game is awesome


Just started so not sure just what I think.

words cookies

I like this game 😬


This game is so amazing awesome! 🙃

Fun game

The use of proper nouns like France and China, prefixes like mega, and incorrect words like lets make this game 4 stars instead of five.

Awesome but glitchy

It's an awesome game but on my iPad it is a little glitchy.


Is a fun game but needs a lil something more cause it gets boring

Love this game

Best game ever

The bomb!


Enjoy it!

Great fun.

Duplicate word puzzles

Been playing this a while, finding now that main words are re-used later on in the puzzle. Disappointed!

Awesome game



Kept me entertained


I love it.

Word Cookies🍪

This app is very fun and has actually helped my 5 year old brother to spell words. I love what this app could do and am very happy as I play it. I would recommend this app to everyone👍🏾

Updates take away

When upgrading this app there is something not right. There hints doesn’t work and it seems to work slower than before the update. There is hesitation in the wheel spinner. Please consider reviewing and making it work correctly.

Word Cookies

Neat word game




Fun game

Lots of thought

Having fun playing this game. It’s not too easy. It’s not too difficult.

Fun word game

I enjoy the challenge. I recommend this game to keep your mind active.


Very fun when u are bored


Nice game


Addictive. Fun. Keeps getting harder at the right times


Keeps your mind working some of the words are crazy

It's okay

So far it's pretty easy

Fun game to play

I have enjoyed playing this game and using my brain to figure out the words.

Fun so far

Realistic words to find and no annoying music

Love this game

Good Game

Word Cookies!

I get obsessed!!!

Locks up too much

Cute game, but the pop-up ads lock up my phone almost every time. You cannot simply click the x. You either have to exit out of the game or it may even just lock up my phone. Also game is greedy. 50 coins for a hint. ???



Word cookie

Great game


👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 🧠

Fun game

I love word puzzling.


Really taste treat to my brain.


I love this game, it’s a lot of fun.

Word Cookies

I have always enjoyed word games and this is kind of a challenge.


Very good and fun and it's a great way to entertain your self GREAT game.

Word cookies

Love it! For kids and adults

Good game

So far is a good game really good for your brain

Fun word game

Fun game to play that’s simple and makes you think

Problems with free coins

I tapped the icon, it disappears and nothing happens.

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