Word Cookies! アプリのレビュー

It ok!! Fun & works the brain

Not bad fun, yet frustrating. Good mind work.

Fun but challenging

Word cookies is a great game. It is fun finding the words but challenging and sometimes you learn words you didn't know about. I have fun with this game.

Word Cookies

This is a great game. I'd advise to pay to remove the advertisements. Provides hours of fun.

Good Game for Kids

Good Game for Kids

Fun game

Fun game for killing time!!!

Word Cookie

Best educational game ever

Great game

Best waste of time since middle school!

It's cool

I honestly love it even tho sometimes I rage and what to go listen ok up the answers🤣



Mental stimulation

Keeps your mind sharp! I would like it to using more words with at least 7 letters... maybe it does the higher you get in level;I'm currently on level 20!

Word cookies

I love playing this game because it teaches you about different words in the game


It was good

The best game

It's a great game

Word Nerds will enjoy

Lots of fun - keeps challenging me to think as I work through the word lists.


It's is a amazing app and I put it on my mom and dad phone and they love it ❤️

Gay, don’t buy

Don’t buy this gay load of STD’s, save yourself

Super Addicting!!

Awesome game.


Fun word game


Good game, so far.


In the beginning very easy. As you go on it gets tough and you have to really be a good thinker! Sometimes frustrating 😂


Great game for your mind!

Fun App

Love this game

BEST APP EVER!!!!!!🍪🍪🍪

I love this app and it's so stress releasing and I love it so much it's the only app I have there are some adds which is ok because all games have that and the game never crashes

Too many nags

Cluttered and full of delaying animations

One of the best games

I love this game me and my brother race to see can get the most word but one thing I don't like is the ads can you get rid of them but every thing else is amazing

The game is .....

Amazing it is definitely entertaining and also challenging for awhile you will not get the word even though it’s right under your nose.You should definitely download this right now!!!!!!😁👍🍪

Word cookies

This game is fun and entertaining my daughter loves this game and her teacher recommended for her to play it


super addicted to this

Love It

I love this game....


It's so fun you get to learn new words it's like a learning game

It's a good game

It's a cool game


Very addictive and fun


This is a good game the best game

Great time passer and helps memory

First levels super easy but later levels give a challenge and helps with memory

The best

This is the best game ever you should get this game now

Great game

I love this game

Good boi

Nice wordddd

BEST GAME EVER !!!!!!!!!!

I think this game is the best because it’s educational It is good for a 5 year old


I really enjoy this game. Some words come to me very quickly but others are challenging. I like that! I wish the hints were 10 coins instead of 25 coins each.


If you like anagrams and other word games and other word puzzles you will love this one!

Fun game

Game is fun but too many stinking useless adds!

Nice game enjoy playing five star and a great way to pass time.

Thanks gamers!!!!

Fun game

Not going to lie, word unscramblers help me a lot. But this game is very fun and addicting

Bets game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think you should get this game because it trains your brain soooooo good and I love it so much. But the only thing is that the ads I really don't like them it ruins everything for example when I finish a level a ad always pops up and I am a kid so I really can't pay to remove the ads anyways I really think you should take back the ads oh but if you thought that I meant remove all of the ads No but I meant some of it please thx. Oh btw GREAT GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!😉😉😉

Great game to pass time!

Fun game!

Fun but has annoying ads

I really like the kind of zone and rhythm I can get into playing this. Unfortunately there are ads, ads, and even more ads that require interaction. I don't really know how to fix that.

It's ok

It's ok



Fun to play

Great game. Lots of ads. Some words are very hard, but for the most part great!!


A fun game!

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