Word Cookies!™ App Reviews

Good time

Most fun I have had in along time. Great fun.


Fun and addicting!

Word cookies

Love it



My favorite

Awesome game, I’m so addicted, can’t stop playing, love it..



Lots of fun

Can be challenging. That’s what I love

Word cookie

I love the game cause it’s very mine challenging for all ages


Very fun brain exercise game


I enjoy the game very much, but I’ve noticed that I’m not receiving all my spins for the free coins. Is there something wrong with the site?


It’s a really fun way to relax!

Mike B

Started off great but now it won’t allow previous allowed words, it makes up its own words. Once a game I loved, now I’m getting rid of it.

Word cookies

I love this game

Word cookies 👍



Great game to play with hubby and grandkids!

Word cookies

I love your game who ever made this game up because it’s like word search but their is three words and it is getting harder and harder and I like hard thing and easy things but I most like easy things

Word cookies

Love this game-it really gets my brain working!

Good fun

Great way to test skills Wished it had a list of completed levels.../

Can’t stop playing

Love to play start over and over to get a better score

Good game but WHERE’ LEVEL 2???

I enjoy playing this game but it ends with Level 1. Where is level 2? Disappointing

Word cookies

I am enjoying the word game...


Play every time I have even 2 minutes.

Cokkie fun

I think this game is fun because it really teaches you how you can make words with like three letters or four it’s just so cool

Word cookies

I enjoy this game because I don’t use hints as much because they are not offered as much as other games. But could you give us just a few more? Love the game!

Very Interesting

I can play this game for hours straight and still be very intrigued


keeps me entertained and learn a tad bit. good for the brain.

Fun and challenging

Very fun it’s easy then gets ore challenging


I love the game, I wish it were easier to get coins but the game is great as is.

Word Cookies

So addictive for me! Really makes me think!

Word cookies

1 Star because of all the ads. But, I love the game. Addictive.

Word Cookies

This app is fun. It makes me think... Jazzilou

This game is great

The game is perfect there’s nothing wrong with it it’s just like a really good way to learn also helps your member spelling all these good things and it basically is just really good and also it you can’t hack he can’t do anything bad I hope to remember spell and you can just basically do anything with this like is like perfect basically in my room made this game is a great person this game is a miracle I don’t know if I could live a little about it like I would normally passing on my spelling test in school because of this game like a helper to spell things and rent room remember

Word cook

I like your game because it is so relaxing 😘😍

Great game

Fun and addictive. I can’t put it down.

Word cookie

Fun great way to help my child to have fun with spelling .

Love it

It’s fun to play


This game is super fun and addicting! It also helps me learn new words I never knew existed!


Great game


This is the best game ever. They’re a lot of great themes to choice from but do you think there could be more? Like Fall, patriotic, etc?

Keeps you thinking


Thanks Much!

Love these wonderful Word Cookies 🍪😘🤗 and enjoy this! Hugs😘🤗


Unable to control volume in settings have to control volume with phone


Hard to stop playing this game if you love words! One hint can really help when you’re stuck.


This app is so awesome! I want to play it all day!!! I’m just so excited to see what’s going to happen next!

Enjoy game

I enjoy this game. I like it better than just match games.



Season games

I love this game so much it makes me so happy when I get to learn the words thank you for making this game I will play this game every day of my life thank you so much❤️❤️❤️❤️


Very entertaining yet challenging at the same time really makes me dig deeper to solve the puzzles I’m always up for the challenge I play daily

Word cookies

This is my FAVORITE word game! However, I’m on level 8 of Cabbage and the words you have to find are sooo tiny, I have to use a magnifier!! Totally ruins the fun for me!! Please fix this!! Can’t zoom them! It may be coming to an end for me soon if this continues, because my eyes can’t take this even with glasses! Too much strain. I’ve noticed there is also a lot of words being added that I’ve never heard or seen before. A dictionary for definition would be great for learning meaning like some of other word games. PLEASE make letters larger when adding so many to a level!!


It’s amazing because it’s not really frustrating it’s challenging but fun🤗🤗

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